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My Best Friend Embellishment Min AddOn 1


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My Best Friend is all about one of the best things in human life - DOGS!! Most of us have or had a friend like that sometimes in our life. I grew up with a German shepheard as a "babysitter", that was fantastic. That dog really took care of me, she followed me everywhere to be sure that I was safe. When I was going out to play with the other kids in the sandbox she was sitting 3 metres outside the box and waiting for me. When I ws learning to walk down the stairs at home she walked on stair right below me so when I was falling I fell on her. I´m sure you all have stories like that in your life as well. So to celebrate our best frinds I created this AddOn with artsy watercolor transfers.

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The layout is made by Marie Orsini using My Best Friend Collection and My Best Friend Embellishment Mini AddOn 1 Transfers by Aftermidnight Design

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