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ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Lovely Mood 4


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If you're feeling the love and want to capture it in your next layout, check out the ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Template - Lovely Mood 4!!!

These templates give you a great opportunity to showcase the special loves of your life!  They're a spin on Mood Templates with a special heart space for a special photo you love!  They're great for scrapping lots of photos and give you lots of options for embellishing or using your Pocket Life cards!

Layout Information and Inspiration:

"Easter" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie use:

I absolutely loved these Easter photos and wanted to keep the emphasis on them.  The shot of the two bunnies was too precious, so that's the one I chose for the heart shape (but the chickies were a close 2nd!).  The background is a solid paper from the Amethyst Mist Paper Mini.  In this layout you can see there are several small shapes in the lower left.  I wanted to use one paper on them, so rather than dragging the same sheet onto my template multiple times, I selected the layers of each shape I wanted and put them in their own folder.  Then I used a clipping mask to clip the paper onto the folder.  Try it!  It makes combining your layers fast and easy, but still editable because you can always remove them from the folder if you want to!

"Puppy Love" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie use:

My dog is one of my greatest loves in life and I love taking photos of him!  The Lovely Mood - Set 1 template made it easy to use numerous photos of him without my page gettng overloaded.  I created a dark background with the Moody ScrapSimple Paper Template, and filled some empty spaces with m favorite patterns from Stay Neutral.  I also LOVE swirls, so I let those extend out and over some photos but made sure they didn't block my dog's face.  A final touch was a quick title and a few neutral flowers to add a little dimension and interest to my layout.

"Blizzard Bird Watch" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie use:

We recennly had a big blizzard here and I was surprised at the wide variety of birds that came to feeder during it!   I like these templates because it helped me show off all the birds.  I put shots of my favorite ones in the large space, but I saved the heart for the cute, little woodpecker that comes to visit me daily!  I kept this layout fairly simple - I chose a solid background from the Flaking Out Collection Biggie and then dropped on a few white flowers and snowflakes.  I had a few blank shapes in the lower-right corner, so I sampled colors from the birds to create color blocks and then dropped the Dark Mood Paper Template over it for some texture.

"Romantic Weekend" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie use:

These were some old photos from a trip to Main that I thought may never get scrapped!  I dropped in my photos first and filled in a few shapes with my favorite patterned papers from the Forever Love Collection Biggie.  I kept the side spaces subtle by making my solid papers from the Dark Mood ScrapSimple Paper Templates.  You could do the same or you could even create your own patterns to ehance your photos!  I added a few embellishments in a corner so they were out of the way, but I like to add script titles that run over my photos.  If you try the same technique, don't be afraid to use a drop shadow or an outer glow in a dark color (also set your blend mode to Multiply)!  

"Barnegat Bay" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie use:

My daughter recently was in her first dance competition.  We had a few hours of free time between performances, so we decided to check out the nearby lighthouse.  It was a brief (and cold!!!) visit, but still very enjoyable.  This template allowed me to drop in all the photos I took of the lighthouse and its grounds, but I saved the heart for the photo of my sleeping daughter because I just loved it!  As you may have noticed from my layouts, I like to embellish the corner of my layouts!  Here I added a few embellishments and patterned papers from the Deco Dreams Collection Biggie and added a touch of brown ink to the photo edges.

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