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Looking for a big value with maxium layout options? ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Template: In a Mood - Set 5-8 has maximum options for spaces and places for numerous photos and embellishments so you can layout your pages in no time!

These templates are inspired by mood boards used in many areas of art and design!  Use to create a particular style or theme in your layouts by including photos, embellishments, and wordart!  They'll help you quickly layout your Project 52 / 365 layouts or place multiple photos easily without looking cluttered.  Or use them to design on a theme: photos or similar color, location or theme! 

Showcase your favorite scrapbook kits for colorful fun, or create your own textures in colors that match your photos perfectly!  These layouts also give you great opportunities to create some visual interest by using your favorite styles on those smaller sections.  Color them to match your papers or photos, then finish them off with chipboard, ink or even glitter!  Just browse the ScrapGirls offerings in the boutique for Styles under PS & PSE Tools.

Layout Information and Inspiration:

"Zoo Day" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie uses:

In this layout I also used numerous photos, but this time added an embellishment cluster to the center shape of the page.  I typed a quick title using a cute script font, and my layout was completed quickly and easily! Another option I had toyed with was just using one or two photos and filling the rest of my spaces with animal-printed papers!

"Pink Party" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie uses:

I left this layout very simple because the photos were so beautiful!  The theme was the pink color that the shower would be based on.  These were ideas for a bridal shower that I wanted to suggest, so I wanted the layout to feel cohesive and delicate.  The edges are lighly inked to help the photos stand out and the solid papers are all made with colors sampled from the photos and Dark Mood textures laid over them.

"NJ Wildlife" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie uses:

I had a lot of photos from a visit to one of the local zoos that featured NJ's native wildlife.  It was easy to include multiple animal shots on this template, and then add a title and embellishments from the Wild Things Collection Biggie.  I added some light ink and drop shadows to the photos so they stood out against the paper. The strips of solid colors were solid papers from the collection but this would have been another good opportunity to create the papers in colors sampled from the photos.

"Festival of Ballooning" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie uses:

This is super simple layout, but I love that it allowed me to layout so many photos and my page still looks neat and clean!  In this layout, I added photos to even the smallest photo areas, but they could have easily been embellished with a small element or colored to pull out some of the colors in the balloons.  The title typed in a script font, then the fill was reduced to 0% and a white outer glow was applied so it felt the title was sort of in the clouds.

"Sand Sculpture Competition" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie uses:

I love thes photos from a sand sculpture competition!  The great thing about the In a Mood templates is that you can leave them simple and unembellished, or loaded with elements for lots of visual interest!   This layout maximizes the blue sky and tan sand so I just dropped in my photos, added an inked edge, and colored the title square in a blue shade sampled from the phtos.  I dropped a texture from Dark Mood over it and finished with a title in a simple font in a matching shade.

"Random Shots of Summer" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie use:

In this layout, I chose to showcase some of the turquoise shots I had from the summer.  The small squares on the side are all created by sampling colors from the photos, then overlaying papers from ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Moody to give them some texture.

"Visions of Violet" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie use:

I love purple, so I had a great time laying out a page of photos that feature my favorite color!  The Amethyst Mist Collection Biggie gave me a subtle background to use along with a simple flower and leaves for a nice, little decorative touch.  I picked my favorite shades of purple from the photos and used those to color each of those small sections of the layouts.  I think it would also look nice to use several coordinating patterns in harmonious colors.

Beach Wedding" digital scrapbook layout by Laura Louie use:

These are some gorgeous photos from a Bermuda wedding!  I wanted to let the photos and their colors be really prominent in the layout so I chose to add just a few white embellishments.  The color strips at the bottom of the layout are colors sampled from the flowers in the photos, then I dropped ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Moody over them to add some texture.

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