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Scrap Girls Service Agreement
By purchasing Scrap Girls products, you agree that you understand that unless a product delivery has been identified as being delivered in a different way, your delivery will be accomplished through downloads. Furthermore, you agree that by purchasing Scrap Girls products not specifically identified as a non-downloadable product you will accept your order delivery through downloads.

If you wish to receive your downloadable product through different means, you understand that the CD burning service option is available to you at an additional fee + shipping costs.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL YOU BE SHIPPED PAPER OR PAPER PRODUCTS IN A BOX. SCRAP GIRLS DOES NOT SELL PAPER SCRAPBOOKING PRODUCTS. For more information on this topic and/or to read our complete terms of use and license agreements, please click through and read the complete Service Agreement documents.
I have read and agree to abide by Scrap Girls Service Agreement which includes Terms of Use and License Agreements for these products.
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